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“Corey's expert nutrition coaching was life-changing! He has an amazing ability to break down each step of the process so it's understandable and manageable. My body felt better after one week of working with him and I have installed permanent nutrition habits that keep me energized and feeling great regardless of the demands of the day or if I'm traveling. His coaching style is positive, creative and sincere. He is an expert at the body and knows how to get inside habits. He deserves more than 5 stars!” - Connie Frigo
“Not only is Corey incredibly knowledgeable and experienced as a nutritionist, but he also has the gift of knowing and understanding people. The care and encouragement he gives those he works with is absolutely beautiful!” - Michelle Peteet
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This is not just another weight loss program. 
It’s THE program you’ve been waiting for! It's the last weight loss program you'll ever need. Here's just a taste of what we'll cover ...
  • ​Whether you're a Punisher or Pretender and why this should play a huge role in how you lose weight.
  • ​One amazing food group that makes weight loss automatic!
  • ​How to have enhanced fat-burning while you sleep!
  •  How to supercharge your discipline and never worry about not having enough willpower again.
  •  How to overcome self doubt and the "bully in your brain."
  •  Plus: the only "exercise secret" you'll ever need to know.
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