How To Lose Weight and NOT Gain It Back
(even if you’re busy, stressed, and feel like nothing has worked for you in the past)
Thursday January 11th @ 8pm EST
Here are just a few of the things we'll cover ...
  • ​What the diet industry teaches you and tries to TRICK you with
  • ​97% of people fail miserably trying to lose weight - I'll teach you how to be the 3%!
  • One simple thing that will improve your relationship with food and the scales
  • ​The simplest and most doable way to lose weight once and for all
  • ​The most important and powerful weight loss secret I know
  • Plus! I'm answering all of YOUR questions live!
I'm going to teach you the most important and powerful stuff I know ...

We'll cut through the bullcrap in the weight loss industry and I'll explain what really works!

This is going to be a LIVE interactive class!

I'll walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how I coach my clients to true, life-changing weight loss results. Then I'll answer all  of your questions LIVE. No food, workout, supplement, or weight loss topic is off limits! 

I'm super excited to meet YOU and other podcast listeners. This is the perfect chance to get on the right track with your body and your brain!

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